You can help the San Angelo Cowboy Gathering Win a well deserved award!

The San Angelo Cowboy Gathering is one of the finalists for the 2016 Ameripolitan Festival Award!

All you have to do is click this link: and vote for the San Angelo Cowboy Gathering!

The Ameripolitan Music Awards were created to benefit and acknowledge artists whose music doesn't readily conform to the tastes of today's country or other music genres and organizations. It also provides fans with a means of finding these artists and their music.

Ameripolitan Music is a new music genre with prominent roots influence. It's broken into 4 related sub categories: Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Rockabilly, and Outlaw. Artists and bands can fall into one or more of these categories.

Along with the Festival Category, there are artists that you might want to consider voting for:
Western Swing Group: Billy Mata and The Texas Tradition
Western Swing Female: Kristyn Harris
Western Swing Male: Jason Roberts, Billy Mata, Coby Carter
Honky Tonk Group: Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings
Outlaw Group:Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Ameripolitan Venue: Luckenbach
Ameripolitan Musician: Jason Roberts,Richard Helsley,Floyd Domino

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