Tim McGraw brought a new song called 'City Lights' to 'The Voice' finale on Tuesday (May 20) and got up close and personal with some lucky fans.

The set was beautiful, with a lit-up bridge filled with twinkly lights in the background. McGraw's band was dressed in all black, standing around the periphery of the stage, while the country star stood front and center.

Wearing a black cowboy hat and his infamous belt buckle, McGraw delivered the upbeat song with the ease of someone who's been onstage for decades. Clearly, he knows how to work a crowd -- and McGraw made sure to utilize those skills throughout his performance.

About halfway through the song, he walked offstage, down a few steps, and into a mass of cheering fans. Ever the gentleman, he made sure to grab the hands of as many fans as he could reach, much to their delight, and later, as McGraw strode the stage, he bent down and sang to fans as they screamed in excitement.

Although 'The Voice' did not end up with country hopeful Jake Worthington as their winner (Josh Kaufman got the win), fans got a good dose of country during the grand finale with McGraw's stellar performance.