There is nothing more precious than being able to give our children memories that will last a lifetime. San Angelo's enduring Date Nights and Reunion night allow parents to set aside the daily hustle and bustle to spend a night with their children in an amazing atmosphere.

This year the theme will be 'Frozen' which helps reflect the event’s silver anniversary, a testament to its popularity and standing in the community. Spend an evening with your son or daughter at the McNease Convention Center, 500 Rio Concho Drive, dancing, eating, and laughing.

Date Night Dates:

  • Daddy/Daughter -- Monday, February 9th (sold out)
  • Mother/Son -- Tuesday, February 10th
  • Daddy/Daughter -- Wednesday, February 11th
  • Date Night's 25th Anniversary Reunion Night -- Thursday, February 12th

Available Tickets:

  • $12 --  Mother/Son Date Night on Tuesday (ages 5-13)
  • $30 -- Reunion Night includes the Date Night package, music, dancing and the opportunity to purchase mementos, and a catered dinner. (ages 13+)
  • $12 -- Daddy /Daughter Date Night on Wednesday (ages 5-13)
  • Purchase your tickets at the Recreation offices at Santa Fe Crossing, 702 S. Chadbourne St. Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For more information, call the Recreation Division offices at 325-657-4450.