Your yearly reminder to buckle up is here again.  The campaign is aimed at drivers and passengers who choose not to fasten their seat belts.  Texas Department of Transportation traffic operations division director, Carol Rawson, says, "It only takes a minute to strap on your seat belt and to make sure that everyone in your vehicle is properly restrained.  That one minute can save a life.  We shouldn't have to remind people to wear seat belts.  But just in case,  police officers around the state will be pulling over folks who still have not gotten the message".

Rawson goes on to say, "Click It or Ticket is not just about writing tickets.  it's about saving lives."

In Texas, in 2011, nearly 3,000 people died in fatal collisions.  Almost half of those drivers and passengers were not buckled up.

Surprisingly,  pickups are twice as likely to roll in a crash, however in Texas,  seat belt use among pickup drivers and passengers continues to lag.

Before you drive off, everyone should click it, no matter how young or old, where they are sitting or what kind of vehicle.  If not, you could be pulled over and fined up to $250.00 plus court costs.

Please buckle up and please drive safely.