You couldn't have asked for a nicer day for the Miles Cotton Fest! Lots of cookers and vendors displayed a patriotic theme to honor those who were lost on 9/11.

This display and trailer were in the Cotton Fest Parade!

The park is filled with lots of food and beverage vendors, plenty of shopping opportunities, and a little shade to rest and relax for a few minutes.

With 110 cooking teams competing, you'll see all different types of cooking rigs.

From small grills to this huge pit (reminds us of a submarine), cooks are working hard to

Not a barbeque cook? No problem! There were lots of teams competing in the washer tournament!

Lots of folks checking out all the fun things to see and do at Cotton Fest! Thanks to all the great folks at Cotton Fest for their hospitality! We had a great time judging barbeque and visiting with everyone! We look forward to next year's Cotton Fest!