The Power of Pink Campaign is inspired by Mary Kay Ash, her Go Give Spirit, her belief in success for all people, most notably women, and her dream of putting an end to domestic violence.
The campaign is a movement that calls the community to action, to do something to make a positive impact on the lives of  women who are dealing with domestic violence, to give them hope, and to make them feel appreciated, loved, and valued.

The campaign needs your help! The goal is to provide and hand deliver fully sponsored Holiday Roll Up Bags filled with amazing skincare and bodycare essentials for women – not something a woman has time to pack up and take with her…but essential to function as normal as possible in life, career, community.

You can donate a product, a pocket or a completely “Filled” Holiday Roll Up Bag.

Please call Dana Naff at (325) 245-6200 to become a donor now! Deadline is this
Saturday, Dec. 15th.

Power of Pink bags will go be distributed through the local ICD Bridges Shelter. Tax ID # & tax deductible receipt will be provided upon confirmation of participation. Thank you!  Together, we can make a difference!