It's cloudy and rainy in Seguin, but that doesn't stop 186 ladies from competing to see who's gonna be the Texas Ladies State Chili Champion!

Young ladies, 17 & under, compete for the Texas "Little Miss" Chili title! They can ask for assistance from adults, but most choose to cook their chili on their own. Way to go Ladies!

There's a Big Silent Auction, raffles and much more to benefit local charities!

The State Champion will receive a chair dedicated to the memory of Pat & Ray King, tiarra, roses, a Wendell Rankin hand painted stove, and much more!

It's time to fill the cup and turn in the chili for judging.

A kiss for Good Luck, and it's time for the judges to decide who's best!

50 Shades of "Fantasy" will win 2nd Place Show!

Check out this video from the Creative Catering Show Team! They Win 1st Place
in Showmanship and automatically qualify for the Terlingua International Chili Championship!

The final table judges decide the winners!

And the Winner is....Candy Ford (pictured with the 2014 Champion Rene Cortez)!

From left: 3rd Place:Beth Baxter, 1st Place Show: Creative Catering, Kelly with Mild Bill's Spices,5th Place:Grace Walton,2nd Place Show: 50 Shades of Fantasy,4th Place Chili:Molly Truitt, 2nd Place Chili:Ruby Ross,1st Place Chili:Candy Ford,6th Place:Janet Cielenski,7th Place Chili:Cindy Hoey,8th Place Chili:Pat Pilchieck,9th Place Chili:Melissa Pate,10th Place Chili:Sherrie Davis,3rd Place Chili: Big Toppers!

Final Table Winners: 11:Kasey Hudspeth Waters,12:Debbie LaLanne,13:Emily Brandel,14:Dee Hay,15:Debbie Barlow,16:Neta Rohr,17:Jennifer Cyrus,18:Taryn Foster,19:Cindy George,20:Amanda Horsak,21:Sally Lee,22:Joyce Jowers.

Everyone is getting ready for the awards, and there's a surprise in store for someone!

Boomer says: "Thanks everyone for the birthday song, and a big Thank You to the Ladies State Board of Directors for the cards and for putting this surprise together"!

Cake anyone?

Thanks to all the ladies, sponsors, judges, volunteers, Board of Directors, and everyone who made the 45th Texas Ladies Chili Championship and outstanding cookoff!
Each year this cookoff is dedicated to the memory of Pat King, who will always be remembered, and appreciated, for all she has done to establish one of the premiere chili cookoffs in America.
If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of chili, go to to find a chili cookoff near you!