After listening to Kristen Kelly's new single 'He Loves to Make Me Cry,' one can be forgiven for trolling the internet to find out who first recorded it. The soulful ballad has a classic feel, meaning it surely must have come from another era... right? 

Nope. Kelly wrote the song herself, with help from Paul Overstreet and Even Stevens. The singer's debut single 'Ex-Old Man' was cute, but this ... this is a performance to marvel. It's not just the power in the Texan's voice, it's that she doesn't sound like another singer in Nashville. You'll forget what you were doing for three minutes with every listen.

"He loves to make me cry / Love to make me weep / Puts those tears in my eyes / Not the bitter but the sweet," Kelly belts out to open the song and again during each chorus.

Once the second verse arrives, you may want to send the kids out of the room. These lyrics could steam up an igloo, and you may want to appreciate them without tiny, judging eyes nearby.

"Then we went upstairs / And he took his time / Took me to a place / Some women never find," she sings. Go ahead. Find your husband and slow dance to this next stanza. We won't watch.

"Showed me how it feels / To mean everything to him / Yeah that’s what he did / Then he showed me again / Oh he showed me again."

There's a fine line between sensual and Cinemax, and Kelly doesn't cross it. If she can follow up this song with more powerful and original recordings, look for her to be quickly grouped with women named Underwood and McBride in conversations about the top female voices in country music.

Listen to Kristen Kelly, 'He Loves to Make Me Cry'