Kody Hunger, a student at Paint Rock High School, is all about 'paying it forward'. If you've never heard the term, Urban Dictionary defines it as:

This is a reference to the title phrase of the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

In the book the phrase is used as the opposite of payback: when someone does a good dead for you, instead of paying them back, pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.

Kody is currently doing his Eagle Scout Project 'Paying It Forward' at the JPW Learning Center, which he attended in the 1st grade. 

These Honorary Pavers (the inscribe block pictured above) will be placed around a tree in the yard of the JPW Learning Center, and they will help the center conserve water. 

This is a great way to honor a loved one or dedicate it in honor of your favorite teacher, mentor, or friend. 

Paver Cost/Donation

  • $65.00 each
  •  $50.00 each for two or more
  • You can have up to 3 lines with no more than 15 characters.

Call the JPW Learning Center at 655-2331 to purchase your paver.