It's gonna take a lot of Cake Today, cause there's a lot of names on the December 9th list.

flickr - from lokate366

Happy Birthday to:

Norma Bowen, 67, from her husband, Paul.

Michael Schwartz, 24, from Mom, Dad, Kristen and Mason.

Madeline Mills, old enough, from all the girls at The Auto Plex.

Hunter Wood, 8, from, Mom, Dad and brother.

Roalie Morris, 3, from Mom, Dad, brother and sister.

Ann Turnbo, old enough, from a friend.

Warren McAda, 16, from Mom and Dad.

Stephanie Kresta, 25, from Mom and Dad.

Roger Gandy, 50 something, from his daughter, Amber and 3 grandchildren.

Christopher Franco, 33, fromhis Mom and 3 sisters.

Guy Thomas Dickey, 51, from his niece, Mandi and the rest of the family. Guy wins today's birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

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