Best wishes to our Listeners celebrating on June 7th and 8th.

flickr- from janielanne

Saturday 6-7

Happy Birthday to:

(Twins) Tristan & Chelsea Bratton, 10, from Grandma.

Martin Pedrick, 42, from Laura.

Justin Unger, 29, from Grannie.

Brendan Torrez, 19, from Mom and Dad.

David Wood, 60, from Debbie, Dillon and Dalton.

Jacey West, 7,  from the Cooks.

Sunday 6-8

Happy Birthday to:

Pat Jones, old enough, from her friends, Renee and Goldie.

Brittany Stober, 26, from her cousins, the Cooks.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Rocky & Patty Robbins, 40 years.