It's the last weekend of October and time to celebrate with these listeners. 

Saturday 10-27

Happy Birthday to: 

Carla Yancy, 52, from her family and friends. 

Makenzie Rodriguez, 7, from Mom. 

William Glover 26, from Dad. 

George Taylor, 70, from Michael, Tricia, Max and Eli. 

Grabb Davis, 57, from his son, Wes and family. 

Jonathan, Baca, 7, from Memaw and Papa. 

Matt Martinez, 32, from his brother and sister in-law. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Francisco & Rosa Flores, 28 years, from their 3 children and grandson. 

Sunday 10-28

Happy Birthday to: 

Shanna Smith, 42, from Michael, Tricia, Max and Eli.

No wedding anniversaries to report. 

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