Best Wishes to these Listeners Celebrating this weekend!

flickr - from Michael Bentley

Saturday 4-5

Happy Birthday to:

Elise Eckert, 26, from Dad and Sharmon.

Theresa Bain, 45, from her sister, Debbie.

John Rankin, 45, from Mom and the rest of the family.

Sunday 4-6

Happy Birthday to:

Kenneth Timms, 9, Mom.

Kay Miller, 49, from a good friend.

Emily Havlak, 95, from all her nieces and nephews.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Chris & Brandi Kennemer, 1 year, from the Cook Family.

John & Kelly Mullins, 1 year, from the Cook Family.  They are this week's winners of a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.