This Weekend a special salute to these Listeners!

flickr - from normanack

Saturday 10-26

Happy Birthday to:

Susan Cline, 40, from Karen and Gary.

Barry Kleypas, 60 something, from Karen and Gary.

Gina Springer, 40 something, from All the Springers.

Cody McKinney, 18, from Grandma, Andrew and Kelsey.

Maria Murphy, 23, Mom, Dad and the rest of the family.

Bobby Draper, 59, from Angela and Lauran.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Ed & Libby Probdant, 10 plus years, from Jewel and Gregg.

Gregg & Jewel Bowman, 29 years.

Sunday 10-27

Happy Birthday to:

Charlie Dunn, 60 something, from Weldon and Catfish.

Alyssa Bolin, 12, from Meme.

Jonathan Baca, 8, Memaw and Pawpa.

Meagan Haby, 20, from Mom and Dad.

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