Join us in a salute to these listeners celebrating today!!  Happy Birthday to: 

Hannah Haddon, 5, from Mom, Dad and sister, Leah. 

Mark Stokely III, 1 year old, from Mommy and sisters. 

Jordan Long, 10, from Mom, Dad and Logan. 

Jace Wilson, 2, from Tom-Tom, Grandma, and brother, Tevin. 

Tammy Searcy, 40 something, from Nancy. 

Mason Snowden, 7, from Mawmaw.  Mason gets todays birthday cake from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Ray & Debbie Coleman, 38 years.

Congratulations to Daniel & Dawn Tovar who ceelebrated their 24th anniversary on Wednesday.  They win a dozen beautiful roses from Karla and the staff at Southwest Florists. 

If you have a birthday or anniversary to announce, visit our birthday and anniversary page to fill out the form.

flickr - from Omer Wazir