Due to the weather some of these Listeners have the day (December 6th) off!

flickr - from normanack

Happy Birthday to:

Oscar Gonzales, 40, from James, Richard and Anthony.

Ryan Hernandez, 8, from Grandma.

Jackie Yell, 50 something, from Mom.

Analia Leos, 2, from Jaycie and all the family.

Tyler Dank, 20, from Mom, Connie and all her family.

Eli Cook, 7, from Mom, Dad and Max.  Eli wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

Congratulations to Fabian & Nicole Lira, who celebrated their 4th anniversary yesterday on the 5th.  They are this week's winners of a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.

If you have a birthday or anniversary to announce, visit our birthday and anniversary page to fill out the form.