Lots of listeners celebrating Today!  Happy Birthday to: 

Donna Spieker, 53, from her son, Bryan and daughter in-law, Amber. 

Laura Strube, old enough, from Mason and Mallory. 

Luke Hartin, 8, from Mom and Dad. 

Stephen Adams, 40, from a friend. 

Carlos Gonzales, 5, from Aunt Torrie, Aunt Jennifer and his 4 Cousins. 

Trinity Gerber, 11, from Mom and Dad. 

Janie Nunez, 40 something, from the Nunez, Martinez, Stewart and Dickison Families. 

Joan Schwartz, 29 and holding, from her husband, John and 4 children. 

Jennifer Davidson, 41, from her husband, Gregg and 4 children. 

Nory Callaway, old enough, from Rachel, Michael, Newt Clay Bird and Dad. 

Jaden Farmer, 10, from Mom. 

Darlene ?, old enough, from her niece, Tasha. 

Toni Waldrop, 59 and holding, from her husband, J.R.  Toni wins the birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Billy & Brenda Burks, 11 years. 

Congratulations to Richard & Katie Gould, who celebrated their 3rd anniversary Wednesday.  They've won a beautiful dozen roses from Southwest Florists. 

If you have a birthday or anniversary to announce, visit our birthday and anniversary page to fill out the form.