Joey and Rory Feek of country duo Joey + Rory have led anything but ordinary lives over the past four months. With Joey's recent cervical cancer diagnosis, you'd think they'd be at the bottom of a dark barrel. Instead, they are finding extreme joy in their sweet baby girl, Indiana.

Indiana was born in February and was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after. She joined Rory's daughters, Hopie and Heidi, from a previous marriage, and according to her parents, the baby's presence in their lives has overshadowed any fear and sadness. Then, six weeks ago, Joey went in for a routine appointment with her gynecologist and a biopsy revealed an aggressive form of cervical cancer.

Rory writes on their blog, "People have asked how Joey keeps smiling through all of this. Well, I think a better question is how can she/we not be filled with joy through all of this? The truth is … 'cancer' is such a little word compared to the word 'love.'"

"I’m reminded of that every day a hundred times," he continues. "It’s in Joey’s eyes and in mine when we hold our little one. She’s 4 months old now and a bundle of nothing but joy. It’s no wonder that … our days aren’t spent in tears, they’re spent in awe of this amazing chance to love and be loved by this little person."

Joey and Rory deeply feel their daughter is a gift from God -- they feel chosen to parent Indiana.

Rory furthers, "…our nights aren’t spent in fear, they’re spent listening for a laugh, or a coo, or a cry from the cradle, just so we can see her again and hold her in our arms ... Our lives aren’t spent in worry, they’re spent in wonder at the incredible blessing that we’ve been given to be right here. Right now with her, our older girls and family, our friends and with you."

Thankfully, Joey is cancer-free after undergoing a hysterectomy on June 20. The mass on her cervix had grown to four inches, and specialists recommend she take that step. The singer will not need to undergo radiation or chemo, and she's currently recovering at home. She'll have lots of time to cuddle and enjoy their sweet girl -- a true bundle of joy.

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