Thanks to the officers of the San Angelo Police Department for being the "arresting" officers for MDA Lock Up! This guy better raise a lot of money or he might be in big trouble!

This young man has been to MDA Summer Camp from many years, and he talked about his experiences and Thanked all the volunteers who raised money!

Boomer is "The Judge" and he sentences all the "jailbirds" to a delicious lunch from Zentner's Daughter and raising more money for MDA and the families they serve in San Angelo!

Thanks to the great volunteers from Goodfellow!

The jail is busy with folks calling for donations to raise their bail!

Thanks to Angie, Stephanie, and all the MDA Staff for all their hard work! Lock-Up Sponsors are Zentner's Daughter Steakhouse, Car Town Hyundai who provided the cars for picking up the jailbirds, and the San Angelo Police Department & Goodfellow who provided lots of volunteers!

Over $15,000.00 has already been raised, and more is on the way as "jailbirds" have another 30 days to get donations.

$70.00 provides one of research
$100.00 funds one support group session
$150.00 funds an occupational, physical, respiratory, or speech therapy consultation
$500.00 funds annual repairs for medical equipment
$800.00 sends one child to MDA Summer Camp.

MDA Summer Camp is a wonderful experience for children, ages 6-17, who are living with a neuromuscular disease. The Camp offers kids the chance to develop life long friendships, share interests, and build self confidence. Kids enjoy activities including swimming, horseback riding, a talent show, a dance, and much more. Many kids who go
to camp it's the best week of the year, and some like it better than Christmas!

You can help MDA to help kids, just go to to find out how!