Doctors from BluePearl Veterinary Partners are urging everyone to practice caution over the holiday season. There is typically a significant increase in pet-related emergencies. Many of those emergencies are avoidable.

Here are some safety tips from doctors at BluePearl:

  • Keep holiday decorations out of reach. Ingestion of metal or glass ornaments, ribbons and tinsel is a medical emergency. They can cause severe damage to the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Place holiday plants high off the ground. Ivy, holly, poinsettia, lilies and evergreens can be toxic to animals if ingested.
  • Seal garbage bags and place them in tightly covered containers to prevent pets from getting into something that could injure them.
  • Keep pets away from certain types of bones. turkey bones, chicken bones and ham bones that can splinter and perforate the intestinal tract.
  • Keep your pets on their normal diets. Many spices and foods that are safe for humans are not safe for animals. Onions, garlic, chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, the sugar substitute xylitol and raw or undercooked food can be poisonous to pets.
  • Make sure as guests and deliveries come and go that pets remain safely inside. Doors left open can result in your pet being hit by a car.
  • If traveling with pets, make sure they are comfortable. Try to get them acclimated when they are young by taking them on trips. If needed, your veterinarian can assist with remedies to calm your pet.