Granger Smith writes or co-writes the majority of the songs he records, but he made an exception for "Blue Collar Dollars," a track from his brand-new album, Remington.

Smith built his career over the course of a series of indie releases, as well as hard touring all around the country, and he parlayed that success into his first-ever major label deal, signing with Wheelhouse Records to release Remington. Smith and producer Frank Rogers thought they were finished with the album before "Blue Collar Dollars" came to him through Benny Brown, the head of Wheelhouse's parent company, BBR Music Group.

"He came to me one morning and he said, 'I have this song that I want to play for you that I think feels like you. It could be good for Remington,'" Smith recalls in the video above, which is exclusive to Taste of Country.

"It's this song about, back in the day we would work for the sole purpose of spending every single penny on Friday night. Nothing left, nothing saved, and we'd start all over again on Monday."

Smith and Rogers worked hard in the studio to craft an arrangement that made "Blue Collar Dollars" sound like it fit in with the rest of the songs on the album, and Smith is pleased with the result. "I'm excited about this one," he says. "It feels good."

Remington has already brought Smith to much wider attention; the album's lead single, "Backroad Song," reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart in February. Smith is sharing exclusive content from the record with Taste of Country readers this week in a series of videos.

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