Songs like Drake White's 'The Simple Life' end up inspiring scores of new singer-songwriters to bring their talents to Nashville. White makes it look so easy, singing about familiar pleasures we all know and usually under-appreciate. 

'The Simple Life' is a great singalong song. The chorus is unique and catchy. The way he says "woman" is charming and memorable. One imagines a sea of fans shouting it just the same way at the hottest outdoor festivals this summer. It's not "woman," it's "wah-man."

"I said I’m a fan of beer ice cold / Waving at my neighbor when I meet him on the road / Kissing on my woman in the moon light / Yeah, I’m a fan of the simple life / Give me a good pair of boots / A small piece of land / A little ol’ house where I can hang my hat / I’ll be a happy man / Yes, I’m a fan of the simple life."

Songs that look this easy to replicate usually come from great songwriters, and while fans haven't heard enough of White's catalog to enshrine him quite yet, 'The Simple Life' is a gem. Familiar furniture appears polished when coming from this artist, who sings with an inspired looseness fans beg to see live.

"I’ll take a country road, yes I’ll take a row of beans / I’ll take an old church pew with my family sittin’ next to me / I said a sunrise, sunset grillin’ on the back steps / Pickin’ on a good song tonight / Hey I’m a fan of the simple life," White sings to close the second verse.

On 'The Simple Life,' White is a more countrified Corey Smith, seemingly cut from the same songwriter cloth (the two even share the same manicured beard and affinity for unusual headwear). His song is tailor-made for country radio, and with a little luck it will become one fans are scrambling to find on iTunes.


Listen to Drake White, 'The Simple Life'