The weather was fantastic for a fun weekend with Christmas at Old Fort Concho!


Lots of sunshine, just a little breeze, a perfect weekend to enjoy all there is to see and do at Christmas at Old Fort Concho!

Ready for a cup of coffee?

Ok, they fired the cannons, so it's safe to take your hands off your ears!

There's a little wait while the cannon crews get the guns ready, but once they do, it's a big bang!

Looking for that perfect Christmas Gift? You can probably find it from all the vendors on the Fort grounds.

Lots of folks are dressed in 1880s style!

There are lots of 1880s uniforms and costumes for everyone to check out.

Everyone wants to pet this cutie!

There was the opportunity to learn more about Indian Lore!

This is what you might have seen in a camp from the 1800s. Guns, pelts, ammo, and coffee on the fire!

The San Angelo Cowboy Company puts on a "Gunfight in Old Santa Angela" that draws a big crowd!
Thanks to the great staff and volunteers for their hospitality and a fun time at Christmas at Old Fort Concho!