Chicken Farm Courtyard Concert Song Swap Show with  Danny Schmidt, Carrie Elkin, & Daniel Makins this Friday at 7:00 PM  at the Chicken Farm Art Center,
2505 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. It's Free!
Feel free to bring a lawn chair & byob to enjoy a wonderful night of music under the shade and breeze of the courtyard... Really, it is always pleasant even in 100 degree weather!

Here's a couple of reviews on these artists:

"Danny Schmidt is the finest young writer I have come across in the past 25 years." - Rich Warren of Chicago Public Radio's The Midnight Special

"I have never seen a singer more in love with the act of singing... On stage Carrie Elkin is simply a force of nature." - Maverick Magazine
Get more details at: WWW.DANIELMAKINS.COM