It's July 29th, we'll check out list of listeners celebrating today in just a bit, but first here's something special to enjoy about today.

flickr - from Qole Pejorian

It's National Lasagna Day!

I know what your thinking.  It's hot and humid enough and cooking up a pan of lasagna will just make the kitchen even hotter.  But once you start cooking, the aroma will float through the house and your mouth will start to water and before you know it,  you'll be ready for a large slab of lasagna.

Millions of us consider lasagna our favorite Italian dish.  In fact, we all would enjoy it more often, if this work of art didn't take so long to make and bake.

Lasagna, as a dish, is far from new.  Believe it or not, a recipe for lasagna was discovered in a 14th century cookbook from England.  Lo, these many years later, we still love every bite of it.

If you think, it's too hot to bake at home or perhaps you don't have the time today, just head to your favorite Italian restaurant and order up a big plate and celebrate with us.

Even that cartoon cat, Garfield will tell you, lasagna is his favorite food!

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Debbie Phillips, 50.  From Shirley and Sandy.

Ringo Hunt, 35.  From his wife, Sasha and son, Danny.

Gage Gentry, 6.  From Grandma.

Jari Tue, 50 plus.  From Connie and the rest of her family.

(Twins) Meagan & Marcus Michalewics, 18.  From Dad, Kerri and Ethan.  The twins win our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage.

No wedding anniversaries to report.