If this is your birthday, congratulations! You are celebrating along with country singer, June Forester, born in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, in 1956. A member of the family quartet, The Forester Sisters, they emerge as a tight-harmonied female vocal group in the 1980s, leaning toward positive messages with such hits as "I Fell In Love Again Last Night," "You Again" and "Letter Home". Happy 59th, June! 

This Is Elephant Appreciation Day!


Today, show how much you care about elephants. Make it a big, elephant sized day. We feel it should be celebrated in a big way.

Kids of all ages, little and big, are fascinated by elephants. In a zoo, in the circus, or a wildlife special on television, elephants captivate us by their sheer size. Today is your chance to let them see that you appreciate them.  Showing your appreciation for them starts with a visit to your closest zoo. Those elephants in Abilene will be happy to see you. Making a donation towards their support, is a great way to show your appreciation.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

Erik Snyder

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Kimi Nunez, 1 year old.  From Mom, Dad, sisters, brother and the rest of the family.

Rylee Chapman, 12. From Grandma and the rest of the family.

Carolyn Reavis, old enough. Fromm all her family.

Sierra Ziegler, 7. From Mom, Dad, Bubba and sister.

David Wells, over the hill. From Mary.

Alicia Cardenas, 7. From Mom and brother. Alicia wins her choice of desserts from Papa Murphys.