Before we get to our listeners who are celebrating on June 30th, let's look back at some of the events that have happened on this date in country music.

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In 1993, Kenny Chesney, gets his very first recording contract, with Capricorn Records.

In 1995, Garth Brooks, receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He then, buried the master recordings to his album,"The Hits", underneath that star.

In 2001, Guitarist, Chet Atkins, passes away at his home after a long bout with cancer.  He was also a record producer and is credited with creating "The Nashville Sound".  He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1973 and was also given a Lifetime Achievement award from the Grammys..

In 2009, Brad Paisley's album, "American Saturday Night"  is released.

Concho Valley today birthdays include:

Nolan Ruschenburg,15.  From his Mom and Step-Dad.

Tammy Smith, 50.  From her Grandson, Kodi and the rest of the family.

Bianca Kibbett, 25.  From her family.

Linda Zeitowsky, old enough.  From all her friends at Community Hospital.

No wedding anniversaries to report.