If this is your birthday, congratulations. You share the same date as a country music icon. Virginia Wynette Pugh, better known under her stage name as, Tammy Wynette, born in Itawamba County, Mississippi, in 1942. The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, nicknamed the First Lady of Country Music, succeeds with a pain-soaked vocal style, exemplified in her songs, "Another Lonely Song," "'Til I Get It Right" and "Stand By Your Man".

This Is Cinco de Mayo Day!!


On this date in 1862, the Mexican army defeated the French army at the Battle of Puebla. This single military battle signified defeat of a European colonial power, and a victory for the Mexican people. This single battle was the roots of Cinco de Mayo.

What this day has come to be, is much more than a celebration of one battle in the colonial history of Mexico. Rather, it has come to signify Hispanic and Mexican pride and a time to celebrate the rich culture.

This holiday is celebrated by Mexicans, and especially the Hispanic community in the U.S. It is a time of song, dance, partying, and in general a time to be proud to be of Hispanic descent.

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!!

Bryan Steffy

Concho Valley birthdays include:

Jasmine Gorsching, 12. From Mom, Grandma, Grandpa and brother.

Laura Bell, old enough. From Teresa.

Bessie Myse, 62. From Renee and Goldie.

Basilia Braun, 10. From Mom and Dillon. Basilia wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

No wedding anniversaries to report.