If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! On this date in 2005, the Johnny Cash biopic movie "Walk The Line" opens, with Joaquin Phoenix in the starring role. Reese Witherspoon portrays June Carter, Shelby Lynne takes the role of Cash's mother, and Shooter Jennings plays his late father, Waylon Jennings. 

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This Is Occult Day!

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Today, is a very mysterious day, outside the realm of the normal and natural world.

Concealed, secret, hidden, mysterious, un-natural. These are all words to describe the world of Occult. Astrology should readily come to mind. Alchemy, too. Many secret groups are occults.

How do you celebrate this day, you ask?  Well, you could join or start a secret society. Get out the ouija board. Visit an Astrologer. Or, have your palm read.

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Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

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Concho Valley birthdays include: 

Lauren Nunez, 27. From Mom, Step-Dad, Husband, Robert and her 4 children.

Marley Lillian Tucker, 5. From Granny and Peepaw.

Brooklyn Jones, 15. From Mom, Dad, Sister and Brothers. Brooklyn wins the dessert of her choice today from Papa Murphys. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

Ken & Pat Quint, 48 years. From their grand daughters, Chelsea and Abby and the rest of the family. They will be in our drawing Friday morning for a dozen roses from Southwest Florists.