If this is your birthday, congratulations! Some country music artists  were born on this date as well. Waylon Jennings, in Littlefield, Texas, in 1937. A protege of Buddy Holly, he becomes a leader in the Outlaw movement of the 1970s alongside his occasional duet partner, Willie Nelson. Jennings joins the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. Also born on this date, guitarist Michael Britt, in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1966. He joins Lonestar, which claims the Academy of Country Music's Top New Group honor in 1995. The band's single "Amazed" takes a pair of ACM trophies in 2000. Happy 49th, Michael!

This Is Smile Power Day!


Love may make the world go round. But, a smile makes it a much happier place.  Give everyone you see today a big, friendly, "I like you" smile. You're warm smile just might turn someone's day right around...for the good! A smile is a very powerful thing. So, smile today and feel the power!

Now Let's P-A-R-T-Y!

lev dolgachov

Concho Valley birthdays include:  

Doug Pustka, 54. From Mom, Dad and daughters, Alex and Emily.

Orlando Cortez, 50 plus, From the whole Cortez family.

Jared Jeffrey, 38. From his wife, Heather and the crew. Jared wins our birthday cake today from Halfmann's Cake Cottage. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary to: 

Catfish & Beverly Hightower, 47 years.