If this is your birthday or anniversary, congratulations! You have lots of company in the world of country music. Roy Orbison, born in Vernon, Texas, in 1936. A 1987 addition to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he reaches the country charts with his solo hit "You Got It" and a duet with Emmylou Harris. His songs "Crying" and "Blue Bayou" also become country hits for Don McLean and Linda Ronstadt, respectively.

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The "Big-O" with the shades.

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The "Big-O" without the shades.

Here's someone turning a year older today.

Vocalist Michael Hobby, born in Greenwood, South Carolina, 1987. He becomes the lead vocalist for A Thousand Horses, a Southern rock-edged band that scores a hit with its first country single, "Smoke," in 2015.

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Happy 29th, Michael!

This couple has a reason to celebrate as well.

LeAnn Rimes marries actor Eddie Cibrian at a private home in Malibu, California, in 2011.

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Happy 5th Anniversary to both of them!

This Is National Jelly Bean Day!

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Jelly beans are nothing new and date back to a least the 1860s. Printed advertisements have been found promoting sending them to Union troops fighting in the Civil War.

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One of the biggest fans of jelly beans, was President Ronald Reagan. In fact the folks at Jelly Belly candy factory made these portraits for him and First Lady, Nancy Reagan, entirely out of their product.

Concho Valley birthdays include:

(Today 4-22)

Chrystal Adams, 28. From Mom, sister and all the family.

Ginger Manis, 20 something, From her husband, Leonard.

Ronnie stringer, 63. From his wife, Sue.

Angie Patchecko, 50. From Joy. Angie wins 4 gourmet cupcakes today from Cakes In A Cup.

(Saturday 4-23)

Carlene Clowdis, 72. From all her family.

Dorothy Roberts, 75. From Ronnie and Sue.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to:

(Today 4-22)

Tom & Herminia Bye, 27 years. They win a dozen roses from Friendly Flower Shop.

(Saturday 4-23)

David & Melenda Melton, 28 years. From David's brother, Steven.