Angelo State University has presented 33 undergraduate students with 2014-15 academic scholarships funded by a $34,000 grant from Stripes Convenience Stores through the Stripes College Scholarship Fund. The Stripes College Scholarship Fund was formed through an in-store fundraising campaign that raised $545,000 last December at all the store locations throughout the Stripes operating area. More than 500 students will receive Stripes scholarships this year at colleges and universities in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and Stripes is also underwriting the administrative costs of running the scholarship program.

This year’s ASU scholarship winners, by hometown, classification and major, are:

San Angelo: Kelsey Howard, freshman, kinesiology; Jessica N. Levere, freshman, pre-nursing; Ryan Moran, freshman, social work; Ashley Perales, freshman, kinesiology; and Sierra Turney, sophomore, pre-declared.

Abilene: Aaron M. Langham, junior, psychology.

Austin: Francis J. Callahan, freshman, computer science; and Angela M. De La Cruz, sophomore, interdisciplinary studies.

Boerne: Rachel E. Gregory, freshman, marketing.

Breckinridge: Kylie J. Jaimes, freshman, interdisciplinary studies.

Brownfield: Treg R. Lindsey, freshman, communication.

Carrollton: Jennifer L. Swanson, freshman, psychology.

Del Rio: Andre M. Contreras, sophomore, physics; Jennifer K. Segura, freshman, computer science; and Gerardo Lorta, freshman, biology

Desoto: Shelby N. Sanders, sophomore, interdisciplinary studies.

Forsan: Amanda Schafer, freshman, English.

Fort Stockton: Eliza M. Martinez, sophomore, pre-nursing.

Houston: Austin Smith, freshman, physics.

Ingram: Annie Yates, freshman, teacher education.

Katy: Sarah K. Grothaus, freshman, pre-nursing.

Kermit: Brooklyn F. Owens, sophomore, accounting.

Lubbock: Ryan Low, freshman, accounting.

Maryneal: Mitchel Taylor, freshman, communication.

Miles: Charly Holik, freshman, teacher education.

Missouri City: Neira V. Galan, freshman, pre-nursing.

San Antonio: Morgan K. Lira, freshman, pre-nursing.

Stanton: Nathan Swiger, freshman, exercise science.

Sterling City: Coleman Pittillo, sophomore, accounting.

Taft: Corinna M. Mendez, freshman, exercise science.

Wall: Tyrel Fuchs, freshman, computer science; and Mason Houser, freshman, geoscience.

Waxahachie: William E. Smolka, freshman, animal science.

More details about the Stripes College Scholarship Fund can be found online at .