This Sunday, the moon will pass in front of the sun in what is known as an "annular solar eclipse".

A word of warning: Don't look directly at the eclipse, it will damage your eyes and can even cause blindness! Use appropriate solar filters on telescopes, binoculars, and other hand held devices. Arc Welder glasses No. 14 are also appropriate. If you don't have a telescope or other hand held device, you can project the eclipse image onto another surface such as a white card (piece of paper works too) or another flat surface, using a mirror or pinhole projection using a box with a hole in it.
Viewers in this area will be able to see about an hour of the eclipse before sunset, according to the National Weather Service. The moon will begin to cross the sun at 7:33pm, and the eclipse will still be developing at 8:33 when the sun sets. If you want the best view, the closest city is Lubbock.
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