175 Chili cooks and over 60 barbeque cooks headed to Marble Falls for the 45th Howdy Roo Regional Chili Championship!

It's a beautiful day in Marble Falls and everyone is enjoying lots of shade and a little breeze while their chili is cooking!

What a cool truck to bring your barbeque rig to the cookoff with! The Pie Hole Engineers have a cool truck and an awesome barbeque cooking rig!

Darrell Baxter, chili cook, golf cart repairman, and general all around good guy!

Sherry turns in her chili for judging along with 174 other cooks!

It takes lots of judges to figure out who the winner is!

Gotta love this lady's "show" hat and outfit!

Dominoes is the game of choice for cooks who are waiting for the judges to complete their job!

David Johnson of Waco is the 45th Howdy Roo Chili Champion! Congratulations to him and all the chili and barbeque winners!

Boomer would like to Thank Carrie & Doc Kinnison and the Highland Lakes Pod for their wonderful hospitality and assistance! Great cookoff!