The 17th Food Drive to benefit Meals for the Elderly was a big success due to the generosity of many in the Concho Valley!


The kids loved seeing Ilsa and Anna while they made their donations of food or cash! Thanks to Walmart North for hosting this year's Food Drive!

Superman stops by to help with the Food Drive!

Spiderman makes the kids smile!

Chuck's hanging out with Batman! Special Thanks to Batman and all the Super Heroes who came out and spent the day in the cold to help raise money for Meals for the Elderly!

Thanks to Widowmakers Diesel & Auto Repair for their sponsorship and generous cash donation! Thanks to the volunteers from Central High School who helped all day Saturday!

It's 2 Thumbs up for donations of $2,340.63 and 1,723 pounds of food! Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to donate! Over 700 Seniors & Homebound appreciate your generosity!