Oh no! In what seems to be a Halloween takeover, zombies have descended on Nashville. Officials are warning area residents — and country music fans in general — to stay away from any artist suspected to have a taste for flesh.

An unidentified (really, unidentifiable) source tells Taste of Country that hundreds of ghastly creatures rose from their graves at midnight and began feeding on dozens, if not hundreds, of guitar-slinging, fiddle playing, previously beautiful singers like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton, turning them into zombies themselves. This is it, folks: it's the zombie apocalypse!

Police are asking that country fans use extreme caution, as those with a taste for country seem to be the main target for those with a taste for eating people. Warning: Signs that read 'Will play for food' don't mean what you think! Below are the most gruesome, vicious zombies identified by officials.

Blake Hell-ion

Suddenly, Blake Shelton's hit song "God Gave Me You" takes on an entirely different meaning. We fear for Gwen Stefani, but honestly, no one has seen her in days.

Blake Shelton
Christopher Polk, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Carrie Underworld

Carrie Underwood seemed so sweet, so trusting! Never did the beauty have a bad word to say about anyone — she doesn't even eat meat! It's hideous what she's become ... the first-ever vegan zombie, forced to eat dead grass and trees toppled by Frankenstorm. Even with a bag of hockey sticks, Mike Fisher doesn't stand a chance against this seductive creature of the night.

Carrie Underwood
Jason Merritt, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

George Strait-to-the-Plate

George Strait isn't just the King of Country ... he's also the King of Zombies! The country legend used to perform for 20,000 every night, but it was just too much. It'd be too a tempting a distraction for the "All My Exes Live in Texas" hitmaker to continue, so he retired from the road. However, these days, you may see him walking along it, looking for fresh meat.

George Strait
Rick Diamond, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Taylor 'Boyfriend Slayer' Swift

What a travesty to see Swift as a zombie — she was so young, so beautiful! So much talent has been wasted in a senseless urge to feed on human brain for eternity. Revenge never tasted so sweet...

Taylor Swift
Christopher Polk, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

Kenny 'Chainsaw' Chesney

Maybe it's good that Kenny Chesney is now a zombie. On the plus side, one can probably score a pretty sweet house on the beach for cheap, as this blood-thirsty monster won't be doing much sunbathing anytime soon. Ladies, we know it's tempting to fall into his sculpted arms, but resist him like your life depends on it, because it does ... Unless you're into the whole 'zombie bride' thing.

Kenny Chesney
Christopher Polk, Getty Images / MakeMeZombie.com

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