In the digital age, many are trying to make a name for themselves. While going viral sometimes results in fame, others aren't so lucky. This is one of this trying too hard moments, and it reportedly happened right here in Belton, Texas.

The incident in question

According to the Temple Daily Telegram, on April 9th, two people later identified as Joey P. Perez and Paul Estrada were taken into custody. The two were accused of harassing two women, one of whom who simply getting her mail.

Daniel Ontiveros, Belton Police Sergeant, detailed the incident in an affidavit:

“I would advise that the (suspects) are accused of targeting a 77-year-old woman and a second woman who often uses a cane for assistance. “(The suspects) engaged in their behavior to generate more views to their YouTube channels. The higher number of views to their videos and subscribers to their channel would, in turn, generate gain and notoriety for themselves.”

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Perez and Estrada continued to follow the woman who, was trying to return to her car and leave the post office. After the second woman approached to question why the men were filming, Perez, according to the affidavit, "told her off and made obscene gestures to her."

However, things did not stop there

Both women then proceeded to the head to the Belton Police Department to report the harassment. The affidavit states the two men also followed them to the Department and "confronted them about reporting the incident to the authorities."

Another unidentified man was also harassed at the station who allegedly saw what happened.

Ontiveros also said that the women, while trying to report the harassment, eventually were moved to another area while officers tried to get the two men to leave. Allegedly    they went to "then confront officers in the lobby and hurled expletives at the officers.”

Perez and Estrada currently face charges of exploitation of the elderly, a third-degree and charge of interference with public duties, a Class-B misdemeanor. Perez also faces a charge of retaliation in the third degree and charge of harassment, another Class-B misdemeanor.

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