Restaurants seem to come and go. In fact, restaurant chains seem to come and go.  Remember Howard Johnsons?  During Covid,  sadly, many local restaurants closed down for good. Even so, here in San Angelo, there are several restaurants that have stood the test of time.

Dun Bar Motel and Restaurant: There aren't many restaurants around anywhere that opened their doors during the Eisenhower administration.  When Dun Bar East Restaurant opened their doors in the Fall of 1959, the #1 TV show was Gunsmoke, and the Danny Thomas Show. #1 on the chart was Mack The Knife by Bobby Darin. The popular moview were Gidget, Plan 9 From Outer Space and Ben Hur. It was the Fall of 1959 that Dun Bar Motel and Restaurant opened their doors. They've been tickling palates for 63 years at 1728 Pulliam, Business US HIghway 67-J San Angelo.

Wienerschnitzel 3205 Sherwood Way The first Der Wienerschnitzel Restaurant was opened by former Taco Bell employee, John Galardi, in Wilmington, California.  It wasn't that many years later that the Wienerschnitzel location on Sherwood Way was opened by George W. Draper Jr. an Eldorado native on August 23, 1969. That means this location has been serving up delicious hotdogs and much more for nearly 53 years.  I am hoping that the Mayor of San Angelo will declare August 23rd Wienerschnitzel Day in San Angelo.

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Western Sky Steakhouse They bill themselves as having the biggest steaks in the area and I would tend to believe anything they say.  You don't get to be successful for as long as Western Sky Steakhouse by exaggeration. Western Sky Steakhouse was founded by German immigrant Margaret Heinen in 1967 at 2024 North Charbourne. That is 55 years.  Heinen expanded and remodeled the restaurant and later renamed it to Margaret Heinen's Western Sky Steak House. When she retired, Daniel Franco bought the business in the late 90's. The restaurant is still recognized as one of the best steakhouses in Texas.


San Angelo has many restaurants, but these are the ones who have endured. To survive for even a few decades as a restaurant is truly monumental.  To thrive for as long as these establishments is a testimony to something really special.

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