This is a sweet job and a company is looking to hire! A Canadian company is hiring full-time and part-time candy testers, A.K.A. “candyologists.”

The Ontario-based Candy Funhouse will be relying on their candyologists to be responsible for giving honest and objective opinions on the more than 3,000 products  carried by the company.

Candidates will also help select ten new and original “candy creations” from hundreds of possible options to feature in their first ever Candy Funhouse-branded candy line.

Check this out. The job pays $30 an hour and positions are Full-time, Contract, or Permanent. Pretty good wages for enjoying taste-testing candy.

Candidates should have a high-school diploma, no food allergies and must be passionate about confectionary and exploring unreleased and existing products.

According to the job listing, Applicants who have an interest in candy, pop culture, and media will be given preference, and no past experience is required.

The company wants to let it be known that "At Candy Funhouse, confectionary is a science!"

Candidates should have enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionary products. They are looking for honest and objective opinions on the products that will be taste tested. Candidates will be responsible for tasting and reviewing from the 3000 products they currently carry.

Responsibilities include: Confectionary Taste Testing, Taste samples, objectively, Consider aspects of Taste, Texture, and Quality.

Candidates will follow an in-house Product Description and confectionary rating system. A brief, two sentence description will be required for each product tested. These descriptions may be incorporated on the company's website and social media.

Full Time Positions will require in person taste testing and Part Time Positions will have confectionary products shipped remotely to them.

Qualifications include the following:

High School Diploma
Basic Writing Skills
Good Communication Skills
Fluent in English
Passionate about Confectionary
Open to Canadian and US citizens
No Food Allergy
18 years or older
Applicants who have an interest in candy, pop culture, and media will be given preference.

No experience required.

The Last day to apply is February 15th, 2021.

For more information, click here.

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