These are times like we've never seen before. But not everyone is going to wear a mask- and that's okay. Whether you're 100% for wearing a mask or 100% against wearing a mask, you 100% don't have to the right to berate someone for whichever choice they make.

Wearing a mask isn't a law, and in most privately owned establishments like grocery stores and retailers, it's not even mandatory. It is simply a strong recommendation. Typically, I'm not allowed to give any kind of opinions on anything involving coronavirus because I get accused of "wanting to kill your grandmother". Of course that's not the case and is incredibly ridiculous.

Now, do I think you should wear a mask when you go out in public or into the grocery store? I think it is YOUR choice to do as you please. I will wear a mask if I'm going into an environment where it's hard to maintain adequate distance from people, though most of the time it isn't an issue and I don't wear a mask.

The choice to wear a mask is simply that- a choice. Just like my choice to carry a gun. I carry a gun for the same reasons millions of Americans are wearing masks. Because they believe they will save their lives.

No matter your views, politics or beliefs, we as Americans should respect individual choices and liberties. If someone in the grocery store isn't wearing a mask, then go the other way. Don't stand behind them in the checkout line. Do whatever you want. Just don't act like these juvenile low-life losers from Staten Island.

Watch as they literally scream, swear and all but forcibly remove a woman from a grocery store because she didn't have a mask on. I'll warn you, the language is very intense because, apparently this woman is a "useless f*****g pig"

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