Need a break from all those football games? Check this out tonight on CBS!The actual awards were handed out back on December 3rd, but you can watch it tonight at 8 p.m.

The class of 2016 is pretty impressive.

President Obama  honored actor Al Pacino, gospel singer Mavis Staples, pianist Martha Argerich, singer-songwriter James Taylor and Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmidt and Joe Walsh, the surviving members of the Eagles, for influencing American culture.

Notably missing, of course, is the Eagles’ Glenn Frey, who passed away earlier this year at 67.  The band was selected to be honored last year, but they postponed participation because of Frey’s declining health. This year, the surviving Eagles, Frey’s widow and the band’s manager gathered at the event, which Henley dedicated to the late musician.

If you are a true Eagles fan like me, this should be "must see TV."

Bob Seger, Vince Gill and Kings of Leon will play the music of the Eagles.

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