Walker McGuire's new single "Til Tomorrow" is a heartbreak song that details a man drowning in his sorrows after a breakup.

While the idea of the song stems from the theme of drinking someone off your mind, it turns out "Til Tomorrow" hits close to home for several of the duo's friends.

"Some of them get drunk and claim that we wrote the song about them and we're like, 'Nope. We didn't,'" Johnny McGuire tells Taste of Country, "But you can claim that."

Bandmate Jordan Walker laughs at the thought and admits that they are flattered when fans approach them, telling the band how much the song means to them.

"It's really cool to hear that they can relate to the song, when they say the song has helped me," Walker adds. "That's the dream, when you can affect people, whether it's happy or sad, either way, but when somebody looks at you and says, 'Man, this helped me get through something,' that's incredible."

“We’ve all tried to drink someone off our mind,” Walker previously told Taste of Country.

“Woken up with text messages you shouldn’t have sent, or calls you made,” McGuire adds, finishing the thought. “We just felt it was really a universal idea.”

"We were in Texas one night and a guy came up to us after a show and was like, ‘You guys have no idea,” Walker says, explaining how the man told them how he took to the bottle after getting dumped. The song came out on Spotify a few months later and got him out of his rut. “It’s crazy how much a song can mean to someone.”

Walker McGuire are pros at heartbreak, so we had to ask them: What heartbreak song helped them get through the end of a relationship?

"Man, I don't know. I haven't been in a relationship in five years. It'd probably be something from the '60s," McGuire jokes. "Probably some Savage Garden song."

"Love that! 'Truly, Madly, Deeply.' Gotta love Savage Garden," Walker says, before adding his favorite breakup song. "'Til Tomorrow,' that's a great breakup song."

"Til Tomorrow" is at radio now.

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