We all know Walker Hayes is a fan of '90s country. He named a song after it, for crying out loud! He's also a master at transforming himself into that era's heroes, having successfully staged album covers by John Michael Montgomery, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and others—inserting himself into the picture with overall stunningly effective results.

He truly saved the best one for last (and just in time for Halloween, too), however, posing provocatively as '90s goddess Shania Twain on her landmark Come On Over album, complete with a pout and a red outfit.

Now, posing as the guys is one thing...but...but. Hayes is surely a good-looking man—you have to be, in order to try to mirror George Strait, after all—but we're not quite sure he can pull off posing as one of the most beautiful and most-desired women alive.

Twain herself was dubious but amused, posting first on Hayes's Twitter a string of crying-laughing emojis, then adding some sage advice: "You need more lipstick." Hey! Maybe that's the ticket?

Hayes' "90's Country" was written by Hayes, Shane McAnally and LYRX, and it honors the artists that defined the 1990s in country music. The song followed his breakthrough hit "You Broke Up With Me" and inspiring second single, "Craig."

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