Let me set the stage real quick.

Yesterday, I arrived home after a long day at work with some take out because I didn't feel like cooking.

When I got to my apartment door there was a package leaning against my door.

This was odd because I did not order anything from anywhere.

I looked at the package, it had my name and address on it so it was not delivered accidentally.

I first checked to make sure it wasn't dangerous because I watch way too many action movies.

Then I looked to see who sent it and I saw that it was from Wal Mart, which I found odd because I only ever get groceries delivered from them.

So I get inside and open the package up, and was shocked at what it was.

Delivered to me was a small bottle of face wash.

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I was taken aback, was Wal Mart trying to say something about my acne?

Because I've never gotten anything from them other than groceries so it's not like they had a list of things i've bought previously and saw that I could use face wash.

So what the heck Wal Mart? Trying to start something? Just being nice? I am so confused.

I mean, it could just be a random give away, like, maybe they were just being a cool neighbor, but they could've sent samples of steak. I would LOVE that.

But no, I got face wash, and a lot of questions.

That being said, I did use it, and my acne does look better, so thank you for that.

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