A food vendor's propane tank exploded during a Texas Motor Speedway event in Fort Worth over the weekend.

The incident occurred during the Goodguys Car Show being held at Texas Motor Speedway when a problem with a propane tank belonging to a concessionaire resulted in a fiery explosion according to a track spokesperson.

“It was a crazy scene but we had no injuries requiring any medical attention and there was only superficial damage to one of the garages,” said David Hart, TMS spokesperson, who confirmed tracks safety crews were immediately on the scene.

Watch the video below provided by KDFW-TV in Dallas to see the exact moment the propane tank exploded.

What a scary situation that had to be! Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the explosion. It looks like the fire had already started before the explosion and people were able to get out of harm's way. Minor damage was reported to a building.

Hart said the flames were quickly extinguished and that maintenance crews would be able to easily repair the “cosmetic damage” to the garage before the NASCAR race weekend on October 16 and 17.

Again, thankfully nobody was hurt in this incident. Kudos to the first responders on the scene for keeping everybody safe.

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