The new Vacation may bear the same name as the old Vacation, but it’s actually a sequel, taking place a few decades after the first ill-fated Griswold family trip to Walley World. The first trailer for this new version has arrived and while it has the same title and premise as its predecessor, it bends over backwards to let you know that Ed Helms is the same Rusty Griswold from 32 years ago, all grown up. Can we call this a rebootquel?

Anyway, this trailer is also filthy and incredibly R-rated, so make sure you watch it in the privacy of your own home. Unless you work in an office where it’s totally acceptable to giggle at Chris Hemsworth’s massive schlong.

And giggle you will, because this trailer is surprisingly funny. This rebootquel (we’re owning it) has taken a page from the likes of The Hangover and 21 Jump Street and has turned the weirdness up to 11. See children throw used needles at each other! Watch a father sidestep not one, but two horrifying sex conversations! Witness the recreation of a famous gag from the original movie but with 100% more manslaughter! For our money, the best joke arrives early, when Helms’ Rusty assures his family that “this Vacation will stand on its own.” Maybe we’re just suckers for the meta-comedy thing.

Vacation arrives in theaters on July 29.

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