The CDC has come out with the results of a new study saying that wearing two masks gives you more protection from the coronavirus than one. That should not be surprising to anyone! The problem is that it's hard enough to convince a lot of people, at least here in San Angelo to wear one!

The findings were released today (Wed, Feb 10th) by the CDC after basically decided to conduct an experiment setting up two artificial heads about 6 feet apart and having them breath on each other all in an effort to see what made it through the mask.

Get this! After the test, it was determined that wearing one mask blocked around 40% of the particles. Wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask was found to block about 80% for the one breathing in. Finally, 95% of the particles were blocked when both heads were double masked.

I think that common sense would tell you that would pretty much be the results without all of that testing. That's only logical to conclude that the more layers you put on, the more protection you can expect!

I'm curious as to how much money was allocated to this useless study!

After all of the testing was done, the CDC is not necessarily recommending that everyone doubles up to wearing two masks because the primary problem of getting everyone to wear even one is far from being accomplished.

The researchers suggest that when someone that is not yet wearing a mask and finally decides to, then perhaps you suggest that they wear two. How do you think that's going to go over? I can assure you that not very well around here!

The CDC said they have noticed a number of people wearing 2 masks so they decided to test it's effectiveness. They also said that double-masking started after word spread about the new strains of COVID-19 have been found to be more contagious than the original strain we have been dealing with for the past year in the U.S.

As I see it, this experiment was totally useless and a waste of taxpayer's money. Instead concentrate on how effective the vaccines being produced are going to be against the new Strains and if adjustments need to be made to combat the new strains.

I do think people should be wearing mask because they have been proven to help protect you and those around you, but there is such a thing is taking it too far.

What's next, we should be wearing five masks because its five times more effective, even though you won't be able to breath!

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