It's no secret that Trisha Yearwood is a huge fan of Ashley McBryde: She recorded the 2019 CMA New Artist of the Year's song "Bible and a .44," for her latest record, Every Girl. The song, which reminisces on McBryde's father, struck a chord with Yearwood and reminded her of her own relationship with her father.

Though McBryde says she missed Yearwood's album-listening party because she was busy recording her own second record, she spoke with Yearwood about what the cover meant to her. Upon hearing it, McBryde's felt ... well, elated.

"Trisha singing and Patty Loveless doing the harmony on it … that’s just insane. That’s just nuts," McBryde told The Boot on the CMT Artists of the Year red carpet back in October. "I’m really happy that, number one, she’s ever heard one of my songs and, number two, that could be a source of healing for her, too."

Beyond bonding about their similar relationships with their fathers, McBryde and Yearwood have found common ground thanks to one of their favorite non-country artists: Lizzo. The rapper and flautist, McBryde tells Taste of Country, is partly responsible for for her boost in confidence recently.

"During CMA Fest, I was talking -- I had just discovered Lizzo a little bit prior to that," McBryde recalls. "I was talking through some lyrics and some funny things with some friends and Trisha, Ms. Yearwood, walked up next to me and started singing Lizzo songs with us. I tweeted about it."

That tweet garnered a load of replies from equally big Lizzo fans, too, and was was quote-tweeted by Yearwood, who responded with an enthusiastic offer to hang out.

The moment brought the two closer, McBryde says, and was memorable especially for the rising country singer. "I was like, bonding with Ms. Yearwood about Lizzo," she recounts.

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