Walmart CEO Doug McMillon appeared on the Today Show, Friday (4/10/20) and was able to confirm some past trends and give us a heads-up on some new ones.

Week 1 was devoted to hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and soaps, gloves, masks.

Week 2 was all about paper products, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, even napkins.

Week 3 was focused on all things baking, flours, sugar, yeast, or and oddly enough, hams as people were trying to plan ahead for Easter.

Week 4 food frenzy, dried pasta, canned meals, canned soups, canned vegetables.

Week 5 the latest trend appears to be focused on hair care, hair clipper, hair dyes, and even beard care items are all in super high demand right now.

So what's going to be next? It's anyones guess. Some have hinted that OTC medicine has been more and more difficult to find. Personally, I always notice the sardine supply seems to be pretty healthy. Also pickled pigs feet seem to be there too.

What have you noticed that is out of stock that surprised you?

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