This is the most bizarre NCAA Tournament I can remember...and i'm kinda old....

I remember Chaminade

I remember Loyola Marymount


The Sweet 16 has Texas Tech and Texas A&M but no TCU, Texas, Oklahoma, or Baylor.

It has Michigan and Purdue but no Michigan State, Wisconsin, Ohio State or Indiana

SOME of the regulars are there:  Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, In fact Villa nova and Kansas are the only 1 seeds left.

Syracuse goes from FIRST FOUR to SWEET 16?  And who the hell is Loyola-Chicago?  I was hopingUMBC could get past Kansas State.  THAT would have been the cherry on top of this crazy college basketball sundae.

Everyone I know has a bracket that's a complete train wreck.  Mine went down for good when Virginia lost.  Even some women I know who pick by the nickname of the university or the uniform color combinations swear at me when I mention the tournament.

So, if you had to pick your bracket with the 16 that remain, what's it gonna look like?  Nothing to lose.  You likely already lost it all anyway.


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